Monday, 7 February 2011

little boy Big World


What is this blog about?
This blog is one man's prospective on numerous worldy subjects that can and will be decided at a drop of a hat, the idea behind the title "little boy in a Big World" is soly to do with the feeling of trying to diagnose in one's head what goes on within this planet with the majority of my social ideas being influenced by being raised in Britain, and because of the complexaty it leaves me feeling like a small child being educated again without any knowledge of height, weight, race, fear, love, religion or time.

What is it meant to achieve?
 The overall goal is freedom of speech, creativity, conflict of ideas and beliefs to saturate the thirst of knowledge and release of expression we all need in day to day life as complex human beings.

Style of writing
 This is more of an open caution then anything a lot of what is likely to be written in future will be controversial, potentially offences to sensitive readers and most likely damn right arrogant or silly in the quest of the writer to understand the subject at large.

 With this all said I hope anyone reading it enjoys the ideas for what they are just ideas in a very mad world.

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