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Ten tips on surviving life - Part 2

6.  Relationships – memory mapping
 Ok relationships take time and effort but a lot of it is simpler than it seems, I am going to do a quick write up on memory mapping as I cannot find the material I researched before at present. Now this is mainly for the men. Basically women’s brains working in the terms of mind mapping, so all those things you do like forgetting to do a household chore, lose money gambling on football, excessively drinking, now these do seem like obvious flaws but what’s actually happening is the mind map works in a style of database where females file certain characteristic’s such as wealth, job, reliability, loyalty, physical attributes and like everything in life it relates back to children on the basic level without thinking about it we are both men and women cataloguing attributes to weather a family is possible following are biological instincts. The best example I have of this is recall a former argument with your girlfriend or wife and out of nowhere the lady of the relationships goes from just shouting at you about not doing the washing up but then switches the argument to when you brushed passed a girl in a club four months ago, this is her accessing her mind map to test your loyalty and commitment to her and your possible future family. I have ultra respect for women I am not trying to put them down by saying this but it is useful to know in understanding arguments. 

-------- I plan on writing a battle of the sex’s article at a later date this is a snippet---

7. Taking shit from the boss

 Now this quote was from a good friend of mine and it goes “Tick all the boxes” now what does this mean, basically to succeed in your workplace and avoid getting into trouble whatever is asked of you no matter how silly it is (managers and boss’s are not always the top of the pyramid like they would have you believe) get it done then use this to defend your case when being shouted at, they cant shout at you if you have done what they asked, it is then their fault for bad instructions. Ticking the boxes can also be used to your advantage when asking for a promotion. When in a personal development review for example go in armed with a list of what has been asked of you and how you have achieved it, then once your employer is aware of the facts you can then negotiate.  It sound obvious and I am sure you have thought of it before but I liked the quote and thought it deserved a mention. I personal do not use it very often as my incentives are rarely financial but I should do!

8. Children
 Now however you look at it in my opinion after spending nearly twelve hours on a pretty much abandoned beach in India staring at the sea putting the world in its place. I realised that life revolves around children in nearly every aspect. We grow up gain experience, make loads of mistakes and go through many relationships until we get mentally stable enough to raise children and properly support them in every aspect of their life’s from educating them at home, working to keep a roof over their head and food in their belly’s. It almost seems to me it used to be especially around the 30 year old mark is when most people start to have kids its either panicking realise their getting old or how I like to think of it that they have gone down every road making every mistake so that they can only teach their kids how not to make the same mistakes. I personally am not matured enough to have kids and my heart goes out to my love ones who do have kids the best father I know being my age for what he does is amazing really I certainly could not do what he does and I end up acting just as immature if not more than the kids haha. Having children is a totally selfless act everything becomes about the children and it will dictate your life so the lesson is be prepared I am not really addressing the current parents I take my hat off to you, I am more addressing the youth not using proper protection as there is a lot of you, and as much as I try to help people (turns out I cant get a birth control pill for a friend from a doctor) it will change your life so plan ahead don’t just deal with it when it happens. Get it right and I am a firm believer it would be one of the best triumphs in life.   
    9.  Research – stop asking why and actually look it up
 Now I am guilty of this one but I do try my best we always have questions floating around and often we like to just blame people instead of engaging the issue. For example with the current student riots, Tax increases and petrol prices the majority of us like to be fed the information in the sense of newspapers and the six o clock news and play the blame game of “it’s the governments fault” or propaganda forced to create hostility between the lower classes so we get so wrapped up in blaming the latest scapegoats “Foreigners”, “Benefit scandals” “The Muslim religion” that we don’t look to what’s really happening. Best ways of researching I find is to look at the history of the subject and see what’s happened in the run up to were we are now then try to think of how it will pan out in the future.

10. Repetition – the father of learning
 Repetition is how we learn, it allows us to improve on tasks, weather its working on a packing line or lifting barbells we have what’s called “Muscle memory” for physical activities where the body recalls doing previous tasks and allows us to do it easier once we have “programmed” our body to do the desired task.  The mental side of the body responds in the same way association between shapes, colour and numbers when were kids to learning how to drive, basically keep at it and you will learn it by doing it over and over again. Repetition is annoying but a very valid lesson in how we operate so if you can master it you will acquire knowledge faster with patients.

 Even though this is ten tips I can’t stress how important this one is QUESTION EVERYTHING! Especially my own writing as there is always going to be holes in text or a better way of organising the data.  I have already thought of more but I will keep it short and sweet(ish).

Ten tips on surviving life - Part 1

------- One person’s prospective this does not mean I am right! -------
I have written the below on the fly over a few hours, trying to keep it fresh by just writing my thoughts as soon as they come into my head, so obviously this mean’s there is room for improvement in spelling, formatting and correct use of structured English, but the way I feel is I write what I think right or wrong and if I could break into a museum and leave my own Sanskrit for people to understand my language I would.
 The idea behind this is not to tell people how to live their lives but the following is spawned from conversations I have had with others. So hopefully it may help others and it will help me by making conscious movements towards my goals and or at minimum get some thoughts produced good or bad.

1.       Keep healthy –eating, sleep,  and exercise 
  This one should seem pretty obvious but you would be surprised how we do not obey it well. Now what are the factors effecting our choice? We’ll I work in a shop and as I am standing there trying not to fell like a robot I look around now what do you have? Salted Crisp products, Chocolate, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Microwave meals and the smallest section you have ever seen with Potato’s Carrots and local meats from a nearby farm. Now with such a wide selections of products on offer very few actually make a healthy decision. Now I have discussed this with a friend of mine and I really liked his response “I would rather have the choice of these products than not at all” now this is very true over the centuries as market stalls have “improved” or evolved from local produce to the greater selection presented to us now by the larger corporation who can offer these products from having larger factory’s and a greater work force.
But these products are not healthy for us so try having fruit and vegetables within your diet the natural goodness helps with mental and physical stability enabling a happier mood. 


 As sleep is our way of recharging it also proves for greater moods by not sleeping too much or too little now this can be hard to train yourself to do but think of it this way its your body take control!.  When I speak to people who say they have problems getting to sleep I can only offer what works for me, I use to struggle trying to sleep and I recall speaking to the doctor about it were he recommended drinking Horlick’s before bed or going for a walk to burn off the last of my energy. Now neither of these worked for me and Horlick’s tastes like licking the gloves of a local bin man. (No disrespect to bin men here) and talking a walk around the village with the cold wind in my face woke me up more if anything. So what do I do now? I shut my eyes and can either focus on the many thought bouncing around my head in a style of meditation or try to focus on the darkness and not let any of my thoughts have more than a split second of my concentration then like boom it is morning or I am dreaming. Other factors to consider make sure you are not stressed if you are exercise a few hours before planned sleep to distress and make sure you are comfy in a quiet room.

 Now I will write a short article soon on DMT and Lucid dreaming for this is when sleeping and dreams become fun but for now I will leave it here.

 Exercise no matter how great or small is good for the body now we all know this so I will keep it short it releases Endorphins which make us feel good, increases are immune system, helps with depression, sleep disorders, increases sexual attraction and can fight off later internal issues with the body.

2.       Asking “stupid” questions
 From birth we learn very fast, constantly asking question now it is pretty near impossible to absorb the knowledge from everyone and everything around us no matter what these “Mensa” people are raised to believe. Whoever originated the word stupid needs a slap in my opinion it just puts people down and does not have any positive influence at all. So what am I getting at? I am talking about that question you want to ask but feel embarrassed if you did I think this mentality originates from school so the children must get this from there parents somewhere along the line. Now I am 24 going on 25 and as long as I have known, I get the words “there” and “their” the wrong way round when writing and I have carried this unknowingly for several years until it dawned on me that instead of getting it wrong all the time why not ask someone? Obviously it is the sort of question that school is meant to have instilled in you and obviously I did not learn it correctly. Now after dealing with the “embarrassment” emotion and slight “nervousness” for being set up for someone to put you down using a negative word like “stupid” I thought fuck it asked the question, dealt with the situation and now I know there is used in the context of “Paul and Sam are over there” and “Paul and Sam are off to their English lesson”.  If anyone has a so called “stupid” question email me I will research it for you and not judge. Remember “even a genius asks questions”

3.       Be able to adapt in any situation and keep calm
 Now this is probably the hardest on the list to master as a lot of random stuff happens all the time and it can be hard to keep calm and make the right decision at the drop of a hat. Now personal I have seen way, way to much strange stuff but I hope I am improving on keeping my cool cause it is a mad world after all. Some example are cars on fire, being mugged,  people with huge knifes, watching others hack on glass pipes, being started on by midgets (apology if not politically correct) and millions and millions of other weird moments that I will keep to myself.  But what have I learnt and how can it help you?

 Well “Shit happens” haha and depending on how much you look for it or leave your circle depends on how much you see, but in most these situations it involves you a crazy person and bystanders. Now if the crazy person has focussed their attention on you in an aggressive way, you need to quickly size up the situation look for exits, see if there’s any reasoning to be done with the individual, and maintain a distance, also bare in mind whoever the person is there human after all and you can normally tell how much they want to go through with what there doing by the look in their eyes “the gate to a person’s soul” some people are better at handling situation and snap into it one example of this was my friend Ray we were outside a pub chilling when a car pulled out and a cyclist ploughed into the side of the car. Now being the example of why not to reproduce the family got out and instead of consoling the guy who had crashed on the bike they shouted at him and approached him like they were going to beat him up, I have no compassion for these people they are dead to me but any who Ray being the man of the moment quickly leaped in diffused the situation and tried getting the kid of the family out of the car who is in a very bad traffic black spot. So with this said maybe some people are better at reacting or have just had more experience to fall back on either way he was on top of the situation by adapting to the environment and solved what could have been a disgusting site.
 I would love to get his opinion on this subject but from what I gathered it was his compassion that drove him to act how he did, My summary is controlled breathing helps, and most situation you can talk your way out of by sympathising after working out what fuelled the person to act the way they did be it relationship issues, money problems, work problems, disrespected the quite rare luckily fact that sometimes people are just a**holes these people should be avoided like the plague, this is when it’s ok to run as quick as your little legs can move.    

       4.       Take the next step
The best example of this is when I was speaking to a friend the other day and they were saying they were slightly worried about moving to an area were they do not know anyone. Now taking the next step is really hard it’s taking a leap into an unknown territory outside of your comfort zone. Now if we think of this scenario for a second realistically what is the chances of my friend spending the next few years sat on their own in a dark room rocking back and forth and not knowing anyone? It’s very unlikely to happen so how do we meet new people once we’ve made the step to live in this new area? We’ll look at your friends around you, were do you know then from? If it’s not from school, it’s from work or hobbies and social activities. Even meeting people in a pub is a social activity. We are all social beings some more than others but when taking the next step and this could be moving house, taking a new job, travelling or whatever you want to do try thinking in a Doctor Pepper way “What’s the worse that can happen” and nine times out of ten it will be a struggle but it’s not as bad as the worrying chemical’s swishing around in your brain will have you believe.

5.       Illness 
We all get ill from time to time with the most common being a cold that does not have a known cure but like most of these viral infections that attach themselves to us throughout the average year we have a “solution” for all of them thanks to the good people at company’s such as GlaxoSmithKline one of the richest company’s in the world (and funnily enough even have there name on my Microsoft World spell checker!!) offering just about any chemical stimulant to solve the problem, one of the most popular medications for any type of illness is paracetamol . Now I remember the nurse when I was at school, all she could physically do in any situation is give the children paracetamol after a phone call to the parents, literally all she had was a small room a few first aid stickers and a cupboard full of paracetamol waiting to be given out to people with flu to people with bones sticking out of there legs and told to go walk it off, it still makes me laugh to this day. Now if we take what this drug does it basically tells the brain there is not a pain in the body by blocking the receptor’s  now if your in agony these drugs are very effective, if not taken frequently as your body builds up immunity’s. What I am suggesting if you are suffering from colds/flu try a more natural solution of fruit, fruit contains all the natural vitamins and goodness we need to function to our full potential and since I stop taking meds a few years ago after getting fed up of all these medicine adverts on T.V putting the idea of being ill when I am fine into my head. Also when travelling I was advised to take doxycycline everyday for the months I was away after reading the instructions I was delighted to see what it can cure not only can it prevent malaria it can prevent syphilis and other issues as well. Now in my head it just seems like the creators of these drugs don’t really know what they do? After not having them I do not get ill as much now this is most likely a mental reaction that works for me but hey give it a go see if you feel better, I cannot give a conclusion yet on this subject it’s more of a suggestion so you will have to make your mind up on this one. 

Monday, 7 February 2011

Future Emasculation of Males in Society

So what am I talking about?

 The male beauty industry seems to be at an all time high with the sales of male grooming products across all UK retailers rocketing by £22m last year. and this has far from escaped my attention,

and has taught me a lesson I was never aware of before. 

 It would seem that today's "ideal" man consists of smooth skin, no stubble, manga style hair and tight jeans.
These men were once labeled "metrosexual" some few years back and was all the rage when what I dub the "pink era" was around. This strange turn of events happened around 2006 when pink became the most popular colour choice for male clothing. It was seen to be the latest in fashion and subsequently spread into every male clothing store quicker and with worst implications than swine flu!
(probably should edit that out lol)
 After witnessing the gradual start of this phase over a couple of days it quickly struck with a full on bloom of pink t-shirts everywhere. It got to the point that even rude boys and thuggish gents were involved and if at a pub you spilt someones drink you didn't know if they were to hit you or hug you it all got quite strange.

 Now the lesson I have learnt from this is that men everywhere all owe the women of this world an apology. Why you may ask? its for the simple reason that for decades now women have had "beauty" rammed down their throats and by this I mean magazines, billboards, TV adverts all featuring how a lady "should look" its sickening that to be taken seriously at all times you have to be dressed for the occasion and plowed with make up, what happened to the "natural" look? perhaps the worst of the advertising also makes women seem like shopaholic idiot's. The top offender is the "here comes the girls" Boots Advert making you all seem like thick bimbo's who's only goal is material possessions and to be self centered to the max.

 And never to be forgotten the worst punishment women had to endure, the old size "zero" phase that prompted young teenagers and old women trying to stay young competing in a non eating contest while constantly throwing up to remove that obviously not essential inner stomach lining. With the likes of celebrity's such as twiggy Victoria Beckham at the time pushing the phase and wearing the crown supposedly for women everywhere to look unhealthy. Now if trying to get down to this minuscule size wasn't killing women right left and centre mentally and physically it all suddenly changed and in a blink of an eye and "curves" were the new look. So the once bulimic girls with self esteem issues had to totally give up what they had been "training" so hard to do. How harsh is that!!!

 So what is the spin on this? Well since women have been exposed to this media hardship for years it seems its now the men's turn to be belittled and made insecure by every media exposure of waxed chested, sensitive souls that share more genetic genes with a female dog than your average bloke. With muscle men now not being the  "in-look" and toned being the way forward. Either we humans cant make up our minds or are taste rapidly change and were going to end up in a similar silly spiral.

 It is positive in many ways, hey why not look your best? if it helps confidence then I am all for it, the bit that has me a little stumped thou is the idea of none of this was an issue for the other twenty documented century's before now. So do we actually find men/women more attractive when glammed up? or is it because we've been "taught" what is beauty by are media visuals?.

 Charles Darwin's theory on sexual selection confirms this to be normal, the pink clothing/ make up being part of what is referred to as the "Display" which is much like in the way a peacock attracts a mate through colours, it also an indication of wealth which supposedly to the female is good indication for security in raising a child in that the male is a good provider and has plenty of food. Which makes sense and also makes me chuckle that are basic instincts still control us and not intelligence.  The male is also attracted to the curves of a woman because wider curvier hips help with birthing of a child.

 So to conclude Darwin seems to point this in the direction of normal human behaviour in the sense of bright colours and trying to look better than the rest, but it seems at too high a cost at times especially were size zero is concerned and its been a hard ride especially for women to get here, and in the back of my head is a really childish but slightly true thought of if you do have a family with one of these more feminate guys for the child it would be like having two mums. So from now on I will keep checking for changes in trends as we men get our styles dictated to us as are testosterone decreases, but rest  assured you still wont catch me in pink :-) x

little boy Big World


What is this blog about?
This blog is one man's prospective on numerous worldy subjects that can and will be decided at a drop of a hat, the idea behind the title "little boy in a Big World" is soly to do with the feeling of trying to diagnose in one's head what goes on within this planet with the majority of my social ideas being influenced by being raised in Britain, and because of the complexaty it leaves me feeling like a small child being educated again without any knowledge of height, weight, race, fear, love, religion or time.

What is it meant to achieve?
 The overall goal is freedom of speech, creativity, conflict of ideas and beliefs to saturate the thirst of knowledge and release of expression we all need in day to day life as complex human beings.

Style of writing
 This is more of an open caution then anything a lot of what is likely to be written in future will be controversial, potentially offences to sensitive readers and most likely damn right arrogant or silly in the quest of the writer to understand the subject at large.

 With this all said I hope anyone reading it enjoys the ideas for what they are just ideas in a very mad world.