Monday, 7 February 2011

Future Emasculation of Males in Society

So what am I talking about?

 The male beauty industry seems to be at an all time high with the sales of male grooming products across all UK retailers rocketing by £22m last year. and this has far from escaped my attention,

and has taught me a lesson I was never aware of before. 

 It would seem that today's "ideal" man consists of smooth skin, no stubble, manga style hair and tight jeans.
These men were once labeled "metrosexual" some few years back and was all the rage when what I dub the "pink era" was around. This strange turn of events happened around 2006 when pink became the most popular colour choice for male clothing. It was seen to be the latest in fashion and subsequently spread into every male clothing store quicker and with worst implications than swine flu!
(probably should edit that out lol)
 After witnessing the gradual start of this phase over a couple of days it quickly struck with a full on bloom of pink t-shirts everywhere. It got to the point that even rude boys and thuggish gents were involved and if at a pub you spilt someones drink you didn't know if they were to hit you or hug you it all got quite strange.

 Now the lesson I have learnt from this is that men everywhere all owe the women of this world an apology. Why you may ask? its for the simple reason that for decades now women have had "beauty" rammed down their throats and by this I mean magazines, billboards, TV adverts all featuring how a lady "should look" its sickening that to be taken seriously at all times you have to be dressed for the occasion and plowed with make up, what happened to the "natural" look? perhaps the worst of the advertising also makes women seem like shopaholic idiot's. The top offender is the "here comes the girls" Boots Advert making you all seem like thick bimbo's who's only goal is material possessions and to be self centered to the max.

 And never to be forgotten the worst punishment women had to endure, the old size "zero" phase that prompted young teenagers and old women trying to stay young competing in a non eating contest while constantly throwing up to remove that obviously not essential inner stomach lining. With the likes of celebrity's such as twiggy Victoria Beckham at the time pushing the phase and wearing the crown supposedly for women everywhere to look unhealthy. Now if trying to get down to this minuscule size wasn't killing women right left and centre mentally and physically it all suddenly changed and in a blink of an eye and "curves" were the new look. So the once bulimic girls with self esteem issues had to totally give up what they had been "training" so hard to do. How harsh is that!!!

 So what is the spin on this? Well since women have been exposed to this media hardship for years it seems its now the men's turn to be belittled and made insecure by every media exposure of waxed chested, sensitive souls that share more genetic genes with a female dog than your average bloke. With muscle men now not being the  "in-look" and toned being the way forward. Either we humans cant make up our minds or are taste rapidly change and were going to end up in a similar silly spiral.

 It is positive in many ways, hey why not look your best? if it helps confidence then I am all for it, the bit that has me a little stumped thou is the idea of none of this was an issue for the other twenty documented century's before now. So do we actually find men/women more attractive when glammed up? or is it because we've been "taught" what is beauty by are media visuals?.

 Charles Darwin's theory on sexual selection confirms this to be normal, the pink clothing/ make up being part of what is referred to as the "Display" which is much like in the way a peacock attracts a mate through colours, it also an indication of wealth which supposedly to the female is good indication for security in raising a child in that the male is a good provider and has plenty of food. Which makes sense and also makes me chuckle that are basic instincts still control us and not intelligence.  The male is also attracted to the curves of a woman because wider curvier hips help with birthing of a child.

 So to conclude Darwin seems to point this in the direction of normal human behaviour in the sense of bright colours and trying to look better than the rest, but it seems at too high a cost at times especially were size zero is concerned and its been a hard ride especially for women to get here, and in the back of my head is a really childish but slightly true thought of if you do have a family with one of these more feminate guys for the child it would be like having two mums. So from now on I will keep checking for changes in trends as we men get our styles dictated to us as are testosterone decreases, but rest  assured you still wont catch me in pink :-) x

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